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VIP Communications makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and loved ones in Africa with our affordable calling solutions. Over the last decade, mobile phone networks have transformed communications throughout Africa, making it easier to call African countries. While Africa has somewhat skipped the stage of landline development, VIP Communications allows you to make cheap calls to Africa and connect directly to mobile phones and landlines.

Cheap Calls to Africa with VIP Communications

Due to strong relationships with leading telecom companies, VIP Communications is able to provide the most affordable services to call Africa. Despite the low rates, we deliver uncompromised call quality to benefit from superior connections whenever you’re making calls.

At VIP Communications, we value your relationships, which is why we make it easy and affordable to call Africa with an International Calling Account. No matter if you’re calling Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya or Cameroon, VIP Communications has the affordable calling features you need.

With a VIP account, you’ll benefit from low rates and many added features, like PIN-less dialing and no access numbers. You’re able to dial a number directly from your contact list on your iPhone or Android smartphone using our International Calling App. Plus, there’s no need to change phone providers in order to benefit from our affordable calling plans.

By creating an International Calling Account, you’ll have a free Direct Line Virtual Phone number to allow loved one’s in Africa to call you directly using a local number. Calls will then be forwarded to any line in the US or Canada to save you both time and money. For added convenience, you can use Mobile Recharge and top up your loved one’s phone by adding airtime right from your account. With the ability to credit their mobile phone immediately, you will never have to worry about them running out of minutes.

How to Call Africa

If you’re not sure how to call Africa using our international calling services, we make it easy. Simply create an account with VIP Communications. Then, if you’re using a registered landline or mobile phone, dial the access number and wait for the dial tone. Then, enter the phone number you’d like to call to be connected instantly. You can reference our list of international calling codes to make sure you are dialing the number in the correct format. For unregistered phones, you’ll need to enter your 11 digit PIN number prior to dialing the destination number. If you have any difficulty when calling Africa, VIP Communications offers live customer service to answer your questions.

Supported by more than 100,000 satisfied customers, VIP Communications makes it our mission to keep you connected to friends and family in Africa. We offer the lowest rates to make cheap calls to Africa while delivering crystal clear call quality.

Don’t let distance or outrageous calling rates keep you disconnected from calling Africa any longer. Join VIP Communications today to stay connected with the most important people in your world!

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