International Access Numbers

VIP Communications Access Numbers

Direct Access
U.S. Primary 703-796-8000
U.S. Alternative 703-796-8900
Canada 1-778-785-6805
Toll Free Access
Contiguous US, Canada, Alaska, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands 1-800-836-5006
Which Access number to use? Which access number should I use?
If you have a nationwide plan with your mobile or home service provider that includes national calls, use the Direct Access number. If not use the Toll Free Access Number. Please check with your service provider to ensure you do not get charged for dialing the VIP access number.
International Access Numbers
Country Number
Argentina 0800-666-0791
Australia 1800-006406
Austria 0800-291310
Belgium 0800-11471
Brazil 0800-891-8519
Czech Republic 800-142389
Denmark 8088-0983
France 0800-908669
Germany 0800-1800451
Ghana 024-242-6276
Greece 00800-8481010
Hong Kong 800-966823
Hungary 06-800-14014
Iceland 800-8240
Ireland 1800-312336
Israel 180-921-3864
Italy 800-784336
Japan (JP Telecom) 0044-22492116
Japan (KDD) 00531-490005
Latvia 800-0242
Malaysia 1800-808391
Country Number
Netherlands 0800-0223407
New Zealand 0800-442901
Norway 800-14755
Portugal 800-812209
Singapore 800-4922060
South Africa 0800-990881
Spain 900-961660
Sweden 020-792024
Switzerland 0800-562232
UK 0800-0970440
UK (London) (020) 3318 2052
UK (Birmingham) (0121) 368 0409
UK (Leeds) (0113) 868 0024
UK (Glasgow) (0141) 846 0153
UK (Sheffield) (0114) 352 0048
UK (Bradford) (01274) 790122
UK (Edinburgh) (0131) 608 0087
UK (Liverpool) (0151) 808 0041
UK (Manchester) (0161) 768 0217
UK (Bristol) (0117) 205 0358
Need Support Need international customer support?

VIP Communications provides cheap access numbers for international calls from the United States and other countries to foreign countries with our affordable overseas calling features. By joining VIP, you’ll have access numbers for international calls with crystal clear calling to other countries, including European countries and South Africa. With our affordable dialing service, you’ll quickly get connected to friends and family around the world with unmatched call quality.

Access Numbers for International Calls

Using an international access number for calling overseas allows you to benefit from a global experience you can trust. With great call quality and customer satisfaction our top priorities, you’ll enjoy great rates, exceptional call quality, and peace of mind when calling other countries

When placing international calls, there are a few different international calling numbers to meet your needs. Depending on your current mobile or home phone service provider, you’re able to receive direct access (primary or alternative) or toll-free access to make international calls. Although either method works exceptionally well, the direct access number is one cent cheaper when compared to the toll-free access number to save you even more money.

Cheap Access Numbers for International Calls

Using VIP for your international calling needs allows you to join more than 100,000 customers who benefit from perfect call quality and cheap access numbers for international calls. Supported by more than 20 years of experience, we understand exactly what you expect when calling overseas with an international access number, which is why we strive to deliver the great rates and call quality you expect.

You’ll enjoy call quality you can trust because we maintain strong relationships with leading telecom carriers across the world to ensure call quality is never compromised. We exclusively focus on delivering the high quality, cheap international calling you need to stay connected with friends and family in other countries.

Using our access numbers for international calls is quick and easy. We have a mobile app, VIPConnect, available for Android and iPhones. While the mobile app isn’t necessary, the app provides automatic dialing of the access number for increased ease of use and convenience. Should you have any questions or concerns about the access numbers, you’ll have live customer support services to help.

We stand behind our service to provide unsurpassed call quality and cheap access numbers for international calls so you won’t miss a word. Join VIP today to benefit from the ultimate international calling services.

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With over 100,000 customers and 20 years of experience, we understand you expect perfect call quality, great rates and exceptional live customer service, and that’s exactly what we deliver, every connection, every day - we won’t let you down!

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