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Your free virtual number forwards to any line in the US or Canada!

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cheap calls to GhanaConnect to Ghana for 9.9¢/min
  • No PINs or access numbers
  • No connection fees
  • NO monthly fee for your virtual number
  • You SAVE and it's FREE for your family
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What is Direct Line Ghana?
Direct Line Ghana is a virtual local number in Ghana, which you can give to your family and friends. When they dial the local number from Ghana the call forwards to your number in the US or Canada.
How much does it cost to call from Ghana?
It’s FREE to call from any Vodafone Ghana mobile or landline phone. From all other phones it is charged as a local call.
How much does the call cost me?
Only 9.9¢/min to any phone in the US. The calls are charged to your VIP account. There are no other fees or charges!
Is there a monthly charge for the Direct Line Ghana number?
How long does it take to get a number?
Sign up in minutes and your number is activated instantly. Give your family and friends your number and they can start calling immediately.

Get a Virtual Number in Ghana

VIP Communications makes it easy to stay in touch with your friends and family in Ghana with our simple to use virtual phone number. Your loved ones will be able to call you directly on your mobile phone or landline using your exclusive virtual mobile number. You and your family will benefit from the incredibly low calling rates, crystal clear calls, and unbeatable customer service offered by VIP Communications. What’s more, if you’re looking to make cheap calls to Ghana, we also offer a variety of ways for you to reach out to your friends and family in Ghana or anywhere else in the world.

How To Use Your Virtual Phone Number

Using your virtual mobile number with VIP Communications takes only a few simple steps to get started. If you haven’t already got a VIP account simply set one up, then you can add your exclusive virtual phone number. Give that number to family and friends in Ghana, who will then be able to dial your Direct Line Ghana number and connect directly to your U.S. mobile or landline phone. What’s even better is that if your loved ones call using a Vodafone Ghana mobile or landline phone the call will be free! Calls made from other Ghana networks will be charged as local calls.

When your loved ones use your virtual phone number from VIP Communications to call you, you’ll only pay 9.9 cents per minute, which will be charged to your VIP account. This means that you’ll be able to talk as long as you’d like for half the price.

How to Call Ghana from the United States

If you’re wondering how to call Ghana using VIP Communications competitively low rates, we’ve got plenty of great options for you as well. If you have a smart phone, you can download our VIPConnect Mobile App to quickly and easily call your loved ones in Ghana directly from your mobile phone. We also have many different options to make international calls to Ghana whether you’re calling from a mobile phone, landline or other unregistered phone. Simply begin by setting up your VIP account and we’ll help you get started.

With your virtual phone number from VIP Communications, you’ll be able to stay in touch with all of the important people in your life that live in Ghana. Make the most of our affordable rates, excellent call quality and superior customer service. Get started today!

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