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Top Up Your Loved One’s Mobile

  • Top-Up / Recharge mobiles in over 100 countries
  • Simple and secure with absolutely NO fees
  • Surprise your family with a mobile credit directly to their phone
See how easy it is to top-up your loved one’s mobile with your VIP account
3 Easy Steps
Mobile number and recharge amountEnter the mobile number details and select recharge amount
Payment methodSelect your payment method and approve the transaction
Mobile creditThe mobile credit is sent instantly and securely overseas


What is VIP’s Mobile Recharge?
Mobile recharge (International Mobile Top Up) enables you to send mobile credit to your family and friends in other countries or even here in the US. They can use your credit to make calls on their mobile phone.
How much does it cost to send mobile money?
We don't charge any fees at all which makes it a great alternative compared to traditional money transfer. VIP works hard to get you the most competitive exchange rates possible so your loved ones receive more on their end.
What information do I need?
You need the mobile number you wish to recharge and the mobile network, along with your payment details. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners & JCB.
How long does the transfer take?
It takes a few minutes to enter the details for your Mobile Recharge transaction. Once you press send, the recharge is sent immediately. Usually your loved ones will see the credit in around a minute.
Is the service secure?
Yes! Your transaction is securely encrypted from the moment you log into the VIP website all the way through to the payment reaching the far end.

Your friends and family overseas will benefit from a complete global experience when you recharge their mobile phone using our international mobile top up service. The simple, secure, and affordable option to send mobile money allows them to stay connected with local and international calling using the prepaid phone credits. They will have the ability to instantly make and receive calls once their mobile phones are credited with prepaid minutes using our online mobile recharge.

Benefits of International Mobile Recharges

Whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer, VIP international mobile top-ups are the best way to help loved ones affordably maintain communication. After just three simple steps, you’re able to immediately complete the international mobile top-up process to allow loved ones to begin making and receiving international and local calls. The top-ups are fast and convenient no matter where family and friends are located.

Within a couple of minutes, their mobile phone with be refilled with mobile credit thanks to Mobile Recharge. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your friends and family are always able to contact those who matter most.

Our rates for international mobile recharges are very affordable for any budget, and neither party will be ambushed by any outrageous fees. Don’t worry, our low rates don’t compromise the quality of the service because we value our customers’ satisfaction and peace of mind. We make it our mission to deliver affordable local and international calling with unmatched service quality so your loved ones can talk freely, without hesitation.

Whether for business or pleasure, mobile-tops ups resolve the financial headache of costly charges from mobile providers when calling overseas. The top-ups save time and money using the prepaid phone credits.

VIP Mobile Top-Up

Choose the global experience you know and trust with VIP mobile recharges. It’s our passion to deliver exceptional customer service to guarantee full satisfied. Supported by more than 100,000 customers and 20 years in the industry, we know what’s expected with mobile top-ups, which is why you and your loved ones are in good hands with VIP for all of your international mobile recharge needs.

Join VIP Communications today to benefit from the best and most affordable international mobile recharges on the market to instantly credit mobile phones with our mobile recharge service.

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