Happy Senegal Independence Day

On April 4th, 56 years ago this year, in 1959, Senegal and French Sudan merged to form the Mali Federation. This Saturday, Senegalese pepole all over the world will celebrate Senegal Independence Day.  And even though actual independence for Senegal was on June 20, 1960, the holiday is celebrated on the anniversary of the founding of the Mali Federation. 

Senegal Independence Day 2015

About Senegal

The country of Senegal is located in Western Africa, and has some of the most beautifui landscapes and interesting wildlife West Africa has to offer.The Senegalese people are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Approximately 75 percent of Senegalese live in its capital, Dakar, the African continent’s westernmost city and most speak French.

Celebrating Senegal Independence Day

According to iexplore.com, Senegalese citizens celebrate Independence Day by vistiing family and friends. Those citizens living in Dakar, traditionally watch or participate in parades that take place all over the city.

All of us at VIP Communications want to wish our Senegalese customers a Happy Independence Day! 

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