VIP Communications FAQs - VIP V2 Calling App

  • You can either select from international numbers already saved in your phone's contact list or dial an international number from the Keypad screen. When tapping to initiate a call in the app, you will have the option to choose from two calling methods: 'Dial Using WiFi/Mobile Data' or 'Dial Using Access Number'.
  • This option uses a mobile internet connection to connect with the VIP network which provides excellent quality when your WiFi/Mobile Data signal is strong. Use this to avoid using your cellular minutes. Calls are charged from your VIP account balance. If you don't have access to WiFi, Mobile Data will be used instead.
  • When you don't have access to WiFi or Mobile Data, our app will connect with the VIP network by dialing an access number with your phone plan. The access number is automatically dialed for you and this method is referred to as Call-Through. Calls are charged from your VIP account balance.
  • When you first install the app, it will request permission to access your phone contacts so they appear in the app.
  • No, internet is not required to make international calls with the app. In the case where you don't have WiFi or Mobile Data, you will use the calling method Call-Through, which you will select with 'Dial Using Access Number' when you tap to call an international number or contact.
  • You need to add credit to your account to continue calling with VIP.
  • You can enable call recording directly in the app after choosing the calling method 'Dial Using WiFi/Mobile Data'. There is a record button that you can tap to start recording a call through the app. The option is not available when using the Call-Through or 'Dial Using Access Number' calling option.
  • First, tap the History icon (which looks like a clock) to access your call history. You will then find the call and click on the information icon on the far right. Next you will see a play button where you can listen to the call. You can also share on Android or send by email on iPhone.
  • This action will send out a call and connect to the VIP network using the Call-Through method, which is the calling option 'Dial Using Access Number'. This method is intended for use when you don't have access to WiFi or Mobile Data.
  • On the Keypad screen, if there is no number entered and you tap the call button, the app will auto-fill your last dialed number.
  • You will see this error message when attempting the Call-Through method without a phone provider. To use Call-Through or 'Dial Using Access Number' calling method, you must have a phone provider plan.
  • No, you must make calls directly from the app by selecting a saved number from the Contacts screen or by dialing an international number from the Keypad screen. If you send out a call through your phone's native dialer, it will use your phone provider instead of the VIP network. It's strongly recommended to block all outgoing international calls with your phone provider to prevent any unnecessary charges.
  • Please make sure you are dialing with a 1 prefix for certain countries in North America, such as Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and more. All other countries outside of North America should be dialed with + or 011 prefix.
  • Please contact customer service for support at 1-800-836-5004. The reason your calls are not connecting could be due to an issue on the far end in the destination you are trying to reach. We can troubleshoot the call for you and see why it's failing.
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