Ultimate Cheat Sheet for International Calling

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As anyone with family or friends overseas knows, making international phone calls can be quite an adventure. And even if you don’t make frequent out-of-country phone calls, the process itself is somewhat daunting. Who has the best rates? What kind of sound quality will I get? What happens if my conversation lasts a long time – will I be charged an arm and a leg? These are just some of the issues that an international call presents.

We thought it would be beneficial to compile a “cheat sheet” for international calling. With VIP Communications, many of those unknown variables and questions are eliminated right off the bat. Our superior service and ultra-affordable rates make it easy for anyone to call anywhere, at any time.

Get a mobile app. These days, everyone has a cell phone. With an international calling app for your smartphone (hey, there’s one particular app called VIPConnect we’re sure you’ll love), much of the hassle associated with calling is already taken care of. Simply launch the app and dial – it’s that easy! Our free app downloads in seconds and offers the following features:

  • Direct dial from phone contacts
  • No PIN numbers or access codes required
  • Works with your existing provider

Know the differences between calling a land line phone and a cell phone. Have you ever called a relative in Nigeria or Ghana? The first thing you’ll notice is the difference in cost between a landline call and a mobile call. Landline rates are by and large much lower than mobile costs, sometimes almost ten time less! For instance, calling a land line in Morocco is as low as 3.4 cents per minute, while a call to a mobile number is 36.4 cents per minute!

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Know Your Country Codes! Be sure you are familiar with the proper country codes to avoid the hassle of having to look it up as you’re dialing. A few common calling destinations include:

  • France – 33
  • Mexico – 52
  • Ethiopia – 251
  • Ghana – 233
  • Morocco – 212
  • UK - 44

Hold down ‘0” for the ‘+’ sign. Some numbers require the plus sign (+), such as India, which requires +91 before dialing. Simply hold the zero (0) for a few seconds and it’ll pop up. Most new phones have the plus sign under the zero, but some older phones don’t.

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Have a backup plan. Make sure your international calling provider has a responsive customer service center. And if you can talk to a real person (not a computer or recording), that’s even better! VIP Communications puts your needs first. And our responsive customer service team is available through multiple channels: phone, social media (Twitter, Facebook), email and even helpful online chat sessions. Our customer service is just one more reason that VIP is the #1 international calling service. Check out our customer feedback for first-hand testimonials!

Never Run Low on Credit. Auto re-credit features ensures you never run out of credit. With VIP, it’s simple to set up your account to re-credit. You can choose how much you would like to add, add and save a payment method, and select at which amount you would like the balance to re-credit.

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Send a Mobile Top Up to Friends and Family. Instant, on-the-fly mobile recharge or Top Up capability makes calling overseas even better. With simple and secure mobile recharging, you can add credit to your loved one’s phone in about a minute. VIP offers a Mobile Recharge plan for your friends & family – talk about a great way to brighten their day!

Thank you for visiting the JoinVIP blog. Since 1996, VIP Communications has helped thousands of people just like you to connect with loved ones overseas and across international borders. Check back often for more helpful international calling tips, telecommunication developments and other useful information.

For more information about VIP Communications, please call (800) 836-5004 (US & Canada), or contact us via secure message.

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