Mom vs Dad: Who Do Their Kids Love More?

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Mother’s and Father’s Day are absolutely huge calling holidays all around the world. It doesn’t matter what country you're from, kids know their parents are expecting a visit or a call each year. Even though a phone conversation isn't on the list of items that a Mom wants, which we featured in a previous blog post about Mother's Day, it's one on those unspoken things. You call your Mom or Dad on their special day to show them your love, especially when long distance is a factor. They certainly appreciate a phone call that puts a smile on their face!

Here at VIP, we gathered information from our international calling and financial services for Mother’s and Father’s Day 2018 to see how our users behavior changed over the holidays. We were curious if we could draw conclusions and maybe figure out who does their kids love more - Mom or Dad? We knew this would be an interesting topic to cover. Here’s a cool infographic that highlights our findings!

Mom vs Dad Infographic

Mom vs Dad Infographic

The first piece of information we analyzed was at the country level. We wanted to see if mothers or fathers received more calls and separated our users by destination. It was a clean sweep across the board where Ethiopia had the biggest gap of 16% while Morocco was closely contested with only a 5% gap, all in favor of Mom. No matter the destination, it was clear that Moms got more love in this category. You could argue that your Mom would be more upset than your dad if you forgot to call them!

When it came to average conversation length, it was almost the same! We are only talking about a fractional difference of 0.02 minutes on Father’s Day. But when you take a look at the longest conversation by one of our users, one lucky Dad had the opportunity to talk more than 2 hours - exactly 129 minutes! Dads may not have been called as much but they got to enjoy longer conversations.

Finally we looked to see if mothers or fathers received more mobile recharge top ups. The gift of airtime was 6% more popular for Moms. Kids wanted to make sure either Mom or Dad didn’t run out of airtime and got to enjoy plenty of moments of joy and laughter. Nobody wants to run out of minutes on a day like this!

So what’s the conclusion? When we look at all four categories, it looks like there’s a lot of love to go around and IT’S A TIE!

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