How to Recharge an Orange or Africell prepaid phone in Sierra Leone from the US

Stay close and connected with family and friends in Sierra Leone by recharging their prepaid mobile devices! We make it easy with VIP Mobile Recharge.

How can you recharge prepaid mobiles in Sierra Leone? 

With VIP Mobile Recharge, a service that allows you to top up your friends and family’s pre-paid mobile phones in over 140 countries. 

  • Absolutely no processing fees
  • Great exchage rates
  • The airtime top up is applied instantly after purchase
How can Mobile Recharge help your family and friends in Sierra Leone? 
  • The credit is applied instantly to their mobile- no need to travel far to purchase credit
  • Helps with Covid-19 restrictions and reduces the risks of contracting the virus
  • They can use their mobile credit to pay for other expenses
  • support them- saves them time and money
  • To stay in touch
  • Last minute gift idea
What info do I need to send an international Mobile Recharge?
  • The mobile number you wish to recharge
  • Your payment details- we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners & JCB
How do I recharge with joinvip?
  1. Visit Mobile Recharge, login to your account or sign up
  2. Enter the destination number
  3. Select the Operator- Our site will actually select the operator if you don’t know it based on the number format. You can also select a carrier manually if you’d prefer. We offer Africell and Orange, both of the top providers in Sierra Leone. 
  4. Select the amount you would like to send- you can send up to 350,000 SLL
  5. Enter your payment details
  6. Review recharge and submit– you will receive a confirmation email or text message once the credit has been applied to your loved one
Why Choose VIP Communications?

Why we do what we do

Surprise your loved ones today with Mobile Recharge

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