How to recharge mobiles in Ghana from the US

Keep your loved ones in Ghana connected with VIP Mobile Recharge!

Did you know that it isn’t always simple for your loved ones in Ghana to recharge their prepaid mobiles as they often need to travel to the nearest town to recharge? You can save them time and money by sending a Mobile Recharge directly from your mobile, computer, or tablet. 

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Mobile Recharge is a service that allows you to top up your friends’ and family’s pre-paid mobile phones in over 140 countries.

It’s QUICK and SECURE to send mobile credit to your friends/family. 

Absolutely NO Fees! Save up to 75% compared to traditional money transfer. This is a cheaper alternative with great exchange rates. 

The airtime top up is applied instantly after purchase without having to leave the comfort of your home! 

WE (VIP Communications) work with all the major Ghanaian operators, including MTN Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, Glo, and more. 

What information do I need to send an International Mobile Top Up?

You need the mobile number you wish to recharge and the mobile network, along with your payment details.

How do I recharge with joinvip?
  1. Visit Mobile Recharge, login to your account or sign up

2.  Enter the destination Number

3. Select the Operator

Please visit our promotions page to take advantage of the latest operator promotions

4. Select the amount you would like to send

5. Enter your payment details

 We accept all major credits, including Visa, Mastercard.

6. Review recharge and submit

You will receive a confirmation email or text message once the credit has been applied to your loved one.

Why Choose VIP Communications?

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If the recharge is not received on the far end, we will refund the full amount – no questions asked. As a result, we want to make sure you’re completely satisfied!

Live Customer Support: call and speak with a LIVE customer Service Agent 7 days a week 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM EST.

Did we mention no contracts?!

Why Recharge prepaid mobiles in Ghana?
  • Communication is important- To stay in touch
  • To make sure your loved ones never run out of credit
  • You are giving them a hand- fast method to support your loved ones in Ghana
  • Last minute gift idea
  • The mobile credit can be used to cover other expenses, such as Mobile Bill Pay

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