Send 300 Birr for only $2.33 this Melkam Beal Ethiopia!

Here’s wishing you a happy holiday!

Celebrate Melkam Beal Ethiopia and send 300 Birr for only $2.33.

Limited time offer! Offer ends 1/09/24.

What are you waiting for? Send airtime to the people who mattered the most!

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Terms and conditions:

  • Bonus validity period: 15 days (usable)
  • IAT receivers shall receive ETB 99 and above IAT or IAT Packages of the same value during promotion period to receive the bonus.
  • Bonus details:
  • 200% air time Bonus for IAT or IAT Packages of the same value received from ETB 99 and above.
  • Bonus is used for any telecom usage and to purchase packages for self.

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