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I don’t think there’s anyone out there that likes dialing really long international numbers. Unless you’ve dialed the number 100 times, you probably don’t have it memorized. On top of that, you have to make sure you enter all of the digits correctly or else the call will fail or you reach the wrong number. Luckily, VIP Communications has a great feature called QuickDial which significantly reduces the dialing process. You don’t have to download an app to make use of this super fast dialing feature either!

What Makes QuickDial So Fast

VIP’s QuickDial feature is basically a quicker version of speed dial. You can save an international contact on your VIP account and then dial a local number to connect directly. There’s no need to dial the long international number or PIN number since our system will take care of this automatically. After you’ve saved up to 9 international contacts on your account, you can then save them to your phone’s contact list for easy access.

Since we want you to have the easiest dialing method possible, we also assign a QuickDial number for your most frequently dialed number. We are confident you will appreciate the feature since it also eliminates the frustration when you accidently misdial a number. QuickDial just takes this variable completely out of the picture to ensure you reach the right contact every time.
Woman Using QuickDial

You can setup QuickDial numbers under the My Contacts section after logging into your VIP account online. If you prefer to speak with someone, just call customer service so we can help you setup everything. We can even send an SMS for each saved QuickDial number making it that much easier to save it straight to your phone’s contact list.

Saving Your QuickDial Numbers

To prevent confusion, I certainly recommend saving the QuickDial numbers as a separate contact since you most likely have the international number already saved already. This ensures that your call doesn’t go out through your phone provider when you intend on using VIP Communications for your international call. Just add ‘VIP’ to the contact name and this should be enough to make sure you select the right contact when making international calls. All registered phone numbers on your account will have access to the QuickDial numbers. Make sure you save them to each phone’s contact list for quick access.
For more information, please check out our How It Works page.
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