Purchase your FIFA World Cup 2022 vouchers today!⚽🏆

New Product Alert! 

With all of the excitement surrounding the World Cup, VIP Communications is happy to announce that we have a new product available. TOD TV World Cup Vouchers are vouchers you can give to family and friends in Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia. TOD TV is a trendy subscription-based platform in the MENA region. They offer the best in sports and entertainment. TOD TV has the EXCLUSIVE rights to the FIFA world cup in Morocco, Egypt, and Tunisia. 

The way these vouchers work is slightly different than most airtime recharges. Here is how the voucher process works. Purchase the voucher from https://www.joinvip.com/mobile-recharge. You will be given a 13-digit pin code.

How to use it?

1. Enter the link: https://www.tod.tv/en/promo

2. Go to “Have a Voucher Code?” Enter the 13-digit PIN code

3. Enter your personal details to create your account. If you already have a TOD account, you don’t have to create a new account. Instead, you can log in with your account details.

4. Verify the email address and create your account successfully

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