Mobile App Spotlight: VIP V2

VIP V2 Mobile App Spotlight
Our new mobile app, VIP V2 is available for download on Android from Google Play and iPhone from iTunes App Store. There’s a lot of exciting new features that enhance your international calling experience. Our goal is to make it easy to use, allow for calls to connect at lightning fast speeds and take advantage of technology like WiFi and 4G / 5G Mobile Data that will give you the best voice quality possible.

Fast Connections and Great Voice Quality

Calls made through the app have improved dramatically. Your conversations are so clear you have to hear it to believe it! The huge step up in quality is made possible with the new WiFi / Mobile Data Calling Method. If you have used WiFi calling on your Android or iPhone device, then you will be familiar with how clear calls can sound when leveraging technology like this. The best part is how fast the calls connect once you initiate a call with WiFi / Mobile Data compared to calling the traditional way – making calls through an access number. This calling method totally bypasses dialing an access number and sends the call out immediately. We are talking about an average reduction of 10 seconds or longer! If your device is connected to WiFi, this should be your preferred method to get the most of our international calling app.

No Internet? No Problem!

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You’re probably wondering – do I need a mobile internet connection to even use the app? Not at all! We have a backup calling method referred to as Call-Through which dials our access number then your international number when you don’t have internet access on your smartphone device. Both calling methods are available from the keypad and contacts list.

Having access to all your saved international contacts in the app is lifesaver and really comes in handy. When you combine this with the search feature, it’s simple to find a contact and send out the call with only a few taps! There is also a history for all the calls you make through the app so you can redial numbers or find previous calls. Convenience is key to helping you stay connected with your friends and family overseas.

Capture Important Conversations

Wouldn’t it be convenient to record important calls, especially conference calls, and refer back to them at another time? We got your covered! It’s super easy to record WiFi / Mobile Data calls on your Android or iPhone device. You will see a record button when the call is being sent out, allowing you to start capturing it before the conversation begins. One of our customers found this feature incredibly useful for his personal business needs.These conversations are recorded directly to your device and are accessible from your call history in the app. By tapping the Info icon for a call, you can listen to the call and share it with friends, family, or business contacts using the share function on Android devices and an email option on iPhone. There are other call recording preferences that allow you to enable it on all your WiFi / Mobile Data calls, choose the storage location, automatically delete recordings after a certain time frame, recording format and more.

Capture Important Conversations

Access My Account in the App

With quick access to your VIP account through the mobile app, adding credit is just a few taps away to repeat your last transaction or choose a different amount if necessary. Once you have configured the mobile app for the first time, it’s easy to go straight to your account dashboard by eliminating the login step every time you need to access it. Don’t forget that you can also top up a loved ones’ mobile phone overseas with Mobile Recharge to make sure they don’t run out of airtime. Repeating airtime top up transactions are just as fast as re-crediting your account. You can keep track of your account balance in real-time so you know when to add more credit to make sure you have enough to hold your over for your next conversation. You also have the ability to manage users, update account details, access your call / financial history and much more.

Access My Account

If you’re new to VIP, just download the app and we start you off with 5 minutes of free calling, allowing you to try the service with absolutely no commitment. When you want to continue calling, just add credit to your account and we will also reward you with $5 bonus.

In case you have any questions about our mobile app, our customer service team is there for you! You can also contact us online or reference our FAQs page for more information regarding the mobile app.
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