Here is how your VIP Communication’s Call History can help you with your Immigration needs

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As a VIP Customer you have access to many features, services, and products, but today we want to focus on the value your Call History can bring! 

The Call History is a summary report of all your international calls made from your VIP Account. This report includes the date/time of the calls, duration of calls, international numbers dialed, and more…

Did you know that these records can help with immigration proceedings, such as U.S Visa applications, sponsorship visas, green card sponsorships, and many more?

Yes, that’s correct. If you are in the process of sponsoring someone living abroad, your call history from VIP Communications can serve as proof that you have a direct and frequent relationship with the person you are sponsoring. For more information, consult your legal advisor and/or visit

Here are 4 easy ways to access your Call History:

The process is simple and secure. Your call history can be emailed, faxed or mailed at your request.  Short on time? Remember you can download the files from our website within minutes. 

For over 20 years @joinVIP has focused exclusively on providing the highest quality international communications services. We know that when you are calling the most important people in your world you need great rates, great connections, and great customer service.

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