Glo Nigeria: 5X Airtime Promo

Wanna surprise your loved ones back in Nigeria?

Send minutes from NGN 120 to NGN 1220 to a Glo prepaid subscriber via VIP Communications & they will get 5X of the amount sent.

Ends on Dec 31, 2022 23:59 (GMT+01:00).

Terms and conditions:

Please see below details on Glo 5X Airtime Promo available from now untill further notice. 

5X bonus applies to the following denominations:
Denomination.  Voice all Networks.    Validity

N120                      600                            14 days   ,
N220                     1100                           14 days
N320                     1600                           14 days
N420                     2100                           14 days
N520                     2600                           30 days
N620                     3100                           30 days
N720                     3600                           30 days
N820                     4100                           30 days
N920                     4600                           30 days
N1020                   5100                           30 days
N1120                   5600                           30 days
N1220                   6100                           30 days

Find below FAQs on the 5X Glo promo;
1.      How can recipients enjoy this offer on e-topup?
Recipients will get the offer whenever any of the followings amounts is topped up: N120, N220, N320, N420, N520, N620, N720, N820, N920, N1020, N1120 and N1220. E-top up recharges other than the aforementioned will not get the bonus.
2.      What if I electronically top up any other amount besides the 5X denominations?
Only the specified denominations (N120, N220, N320, N420, N520, N620, N720, N820, N920, N1020, N1120 and N1220) will get the offer. Any other denomination electronically topped up will not get the offer. Also, airtime received through Easy Share or Borrow me credit do not qualify for this offer.
3.      What happens if 5X account validity days expire?
All the recipients’ calls, SMS and data will be charged to your main account and any unused balance in your 5X account will be forfeited.
4.      Will recipients be notified when bonus validity expires?
Yes, recipients will get an SMS notification at expiration of the validity days.
5.      Can recipients share their 5X airtime value with another Glo customer?
No, 5X value cannot be shared with or transferred to another Glo customer.
For recipient: To check 5X balance, Dial #555*5# 

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