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From Feb 17 – 19, you can have 10 GB more in your international Chivo bundles for $10 or more!

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 Terms and Conditions

  • Promotion valid from February 17, 2022 to February 19, 2022 both dates included.
  • Applies only to prepaid customers.
  • You can purchase your international Chivo bundle through the online topup site or at selected points of sale in the United States, Canada and Spain.
  • Prices include VAT.
  • Packages do not have automatic renewal and are subject to the Policies of Correct Use of the Services that can be verified in
  • All international packages from $10 include WhatsApp calls and video calls (500MB daily).
  • Promotion will only be valid for international Chivo bundles of $ 10 or more
  • The icons for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter are the property of Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc.

Price USD.     $10.00         $15.00         $20.00

Price CAN      $12.50         $18.22         $24.29

Price SPN      €8.25          €12.38.       €16.50

Validity           15 days        21 days       30 days

Data             12+10 =         15+10 =.      25+10 =

GBs               22 total          25 total.     35 total

Tethering         Yes                Yes              Yes

On-Net             UL                 UL               UL

Off-Net            100               150              150

LDI                  250               400              600

SMS                Yes               Yes               Yes

WA                   Yes              Yes               Yes

                     (Includes calls and/or video calls)

FB                    Yes              Yes               Yes

IG                     Yes              Yes               Yes

TW                   Yes              Yes               Yes

BiP                   Yes              Yes               Yes

  • Onnet and USA / CAN minute rates on website
  • Restrictions: All bundles are subject to the policies of correct use of the services, within which the bundles with benefit of unlimited calls do not contemplate simultaneous or three-way calls, free benefits do not apply to share with other telephones (Hotspot mode)
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