Digicel El Salvador offers 10 GB of data in your international Chivo bundles of $10 or more!

Top up now: https://www.joinvip.com/mobile-recharge

Promo runs from March 17-19.

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Terms and Conditions: Promo “10GB more in your international Chivo bundles of $10 or more – El Salvador”

1. Promotion valid from March 17, 2022, to March 19, 2022, both dates included.
2. Applies only to prepaid customers.
3. You can purchase your international Chivo bundle through the online top-up site or at selected points of sale in the United States, Canada, and Spain.
4. Prices include VAT.
5. Packages do not have automatic renewal and are subject to the Policies of Correct Use of the Services that can be verified in www.digicel.com.sv
6. The WhatsApp benefit includes the use of calls and video calls (500 MB per day).
7. Promotion will only be valid for international Chivo bundles of $ 10 or more
8. The icons for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter are the property of Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc.

Price USD.    $10.00.     $15.00.      $20.00
Price CAN.  C$12.50.  C$18.22     C$24.29
Price SPN       €8.25.    €12.38.      €16.50

Validity        15 days       21 days      30 days
Data.           12+10 =.     15+10 =.    25+10 =
GBs.            22 total.      25 total.     35 total

Tethering.       Yes            Yes           Yes
On-Net            UL              UL             UL
Off-Net           100             150           150
LDI                 250             400           600
SMS               Yes              Yes          Yes
WA                 Yes              Yes          Yes

Terms and Conditions

     (includes calls and/or video calls)
FB          Yes         Yes        Yes
IG           Yes         Yes        Yes
TW         Yes         Yes        Yes
BiP         Yes         Yes        Yes

9. Onnet and USA / CAN minute rates on the website
10. Restrictions: All bundles are subject to the policies of correct use of the services, within which the bundles with the benefit of unlimited calls do not contemplate simultaneous or three-way calls, free benefits do not apply to share with other telephones (Hotspot mode)

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