CubaCel Cuba: Win Data Bonuses + Call + SMS

Send 500.00 CUP and up to 1,250.00 CUP & recipient gets:

✓ 5 GB (all networks)
✓ 5 GB (LTE)
✓ 80 Minutes
✓ 80 SMS

Top-up now via VIP Communications:

Promo runs from 6/20/22 00:00 – 6/25/22 23:59 (GMT-04:00)

Terms and conditions:

  • Participant denominations: From 500.00 CUP to 1250 CUP. Below 500.00 CUP and above 1250.00 CUP this promotion will not apply.
  • The additional bonuses 5GB (all networks) + 5 GB (LTE) + 80 Minutes + 80 SMS are independent of the recharge amount, the customer will receive the same additional bonuses, whether he recharges 500.00 CUP or recharges 1250.00 CUP.
  • The Bonuses of this recharge will be activated at the moment the client receives the top up.
  • These bonuses are valid for 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge. The main amount of the recharge does maintain the established validity period (330 days).
  • The vouchers cannot be transferred to another mobile line, it is only for the consumption of the line that was recharged. They can only transfer the main amount of the top-up, if they wish.
  • Customers who have plans and packages of DATA, Minutes, SMS and acquire this new offer, the expiration date will be extended to 30 days, counted from the receipt of the recharge, with expiration time 23:59 Cuban hours.
  • Customers who have valid BONUSES of Data, Minutes and SMS from previous promotions and acquire this new offer, will be accumulated with the bonus corresponding to this promotion and the expiration date will be 30 days from the date of receipt of the recharge.
  • As soon as the promotional recharge is valid, this offer automatically establishes a priority in the discount and will always be discounted:
    • Daily Bag (if you have one)
    • Messenger bag (if any)
    • Data Bonus (.cu)
    • Data Bonus (LTE)
    • Data Bonus (International)
    • Balance Bonus (according to current rate)
    • LTE data packets
    • Combined active data plans all networks
    • Principal Balance (according to current rate)
  • If after having extended the validity of the plans, the client receives another plan, in this case the one with the shortest validity date will be discounted first.
  • A client can make multiple top-ups, as long as they do not exceed the maximum amount established for their main account and for bonuses.

No. Parameter Maximum limit
1 Main account 500,000,000 CUP
2 Bonus money 500,000,000 CUP
3 Minute bonus 8,575 Min (514,500 seconds)
4 SMS Bonus 33,335 SMS

  • As long as this condition is met, customers will be able to top up and receive the sum of the main balance and the bonuses associated with it. If these figures are xceeded, customers will not be able to continue recharging.
  • A client can receive several top-ups in the promotional period, this increases both the main balance and the amount of the bonus. For the culmination of the bonus, the last of these recharges will be taken as a reference and 30 days will be counted for its validity, counted from the receipt of the last recharge.
  • After a top-up has been made during the promotion, the user receives notification of the status of their main balance and of the activated bonuses:
  • The client will receive a time threshold SMS when there are a few days left before the expiration date of the bonus.
  • The bonus balance check is done through 222266# or what is the same 222BON# and the main balance continues to be through *222#. Both balance checks are free of charge for the client.

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