Auto Recredit: No More Dropped Calls

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Ever been in the middle of a great conversation and suddenly you get a warning that your balance is low? Now you are rushing to wrap up the call before getting disconnected when you account doesn’t have enough credit. Try as you might, there just isn’t enough time! Chances are you will forget to mention something before the call ends which leaves you unsatisfied until you speak with them again or resume the conversation.

Sometimes it can be difficult to predict how long a conversation will last. You may think you have plenty of credit to make your call back home, but it’s easy to underestimate how much catching up you have to do after a month, a week, or even a day. Time flies when you are having a wonderful conversation, and no one wants that to end by surprise.

Auto Recredit to the Rescue

When set up on your VIP account, Auto Recredit can prevent calls from dropping due to low balance. Our system processes Auto Recredits every 15 minutes on the hour. Just be sure to set a threshold amount of at least 15 times your rate per minute. For example, use a threshold of $1.50 if your rate is 15¢/min. This will make sure our system has time to top up your account before your call drops.
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However, some of us need to take budgeting into account. If you want to set up Auto Recredit so your call doesn’t drop, choose the minimum recredit amount – $5.00. This is the best way to control what you spend for international calls, especially when money is a bit tight. This allows you to continue your call while adding as little credit as possible. If you end up talking for another couple of ours, Auto Recredit will be there for you to make sure you conversation lasts as long as you need it to!
You can turn Auto Recredit on and off online at any time, even through our VIP V2 app for iPhone and Android. Please visit the Auto Recredit How It Works page in case you have any questions. As always, customer service is there for you and can help you with any account management needs as well. Our representatives are waiting on your call when you have questions or need assistance.
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