600% Bonus of Orange Senegal!

Let your recipient enjoy the 600% Bonus of Orange if you send $3 or more to a loved one in Senegal.

Valid only today!

Terms and conditions:

  • Orange Senegal is launching a 600% bonus on *May 29th * (08:00 local time to 23:59 local time). * Bonus account access: #123# * Top up 3€ to 30€ = 600% Bonus * Bonus validity period: 30 days
  • The bonus credit available in the all destinations bonus account can also be used for calls to Orange Mali, Orange Guinea Bissau and Orange Ivory Coast.
  • The bonus cannot be used to other operators in Mali, Guinea Bissau and Ivory Coast.
  • The bonus cannot be used to France, Germany and Nigeria.
  • 1 month to all national destinations and to Zone 1 countries abroad for Orange numbers.
  • NB : The bonus is only applied for the following end users : Jamono.

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