2X1 Bonus on Selected African Operators!

Send bundles or Data to a prepaid line in Africa & your loved one will get a 100% bonus offered by selected operators to the ff countries: Benin, Chad, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mauritania, Sierra Leone and Togo.

*Valid only on these days 4/05/23 (00:00 – 23:59 UTC); 4/12/23 (00:00 – 23:59 UTC) & 4/19/23 (00:00 – 23:59 UTC).

What are you waiting for? Send a recharge now!

Terms and conditions:

  • Promotion days: Are limited to April 5th (00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC); April 12th (00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC) and April 19th (00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC) – Always on Wednesdays.
  • Promotion mechanics: for each data and/or bundle top up sent by a user, a totally free data and/ or bundle top up of the same amount will be given as bonus. The minimum and maximum amount will depend on the denominations available for each operator.

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