1.5 GB + 800 CUP Bonus from Cubacel Cuba!

Send top ups to a prepaid phone number back home for CUP 500 to CUP 1250 and your loved ones will get a 800 CUP Bonus + 1.5 GB!

Visit: https://www.joinvip.com/mobile-recharge or call us at 1-800-836-5004. We are open daily from 8 AM to 8 PM EST.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Date: From June 21 – July 3rd, 2021
  • Participant denominations: From  500 – 1250 CUP
  • Type of promotion: Get a bonus of 1.5 GB Data + 800 CUP
  • Bonus Validity: 30 days (from the date when top-up is received)
  • The main balance will keep the same validity as previous promotions (330 days from recharge date)
  • During this promotion (Get a Bonus of 1.5 GB Data + 800 CUP) the discount of 50%  on international calls will not apply
  • Customers with bonuses of minutes and messages from previous promotions will not be accumulated, the validity period for those bonuses will not be extended.
  • Customers with active  Data Bonus (GB) and Dinero Bonus from previous promotions if they receive a top-up from June 21 to July 3rd, 2021 will extend their validity period for 30 days starting from when new top-up in this promotion is received.
  • A promotional Bonus (1.5GB + 800 CUP) can not be transferred to other mobile lines. The only main account can be transferred
  • Customers with active data plans (all networks and LTE) and their corresponding bonuses (LTE and local browsing .cu) and receive this new offer, the validity period will be extended 30 days

How Data will be discounted?
1- Bolsa diaria, if available
2- Bonuses*
3- Data Packs
4- Main Balance

  • In the case of Bonuses. They follow these priorities:
  • Discount depends on customer traffic. Si local navigation, the .cu bonus will be discounted, if it is international navigation and the customer is located at an LTE zone, the LTE discounted will be discounted first and later the bonus for the international top-up
  • If a customer has Minutes bonus and SMS bonus from previous promotions, the priority on discount will remain as usual: first bonus, second active packages, and finally main balance

– Customers may receive multiple top-ups, the maximum amount is:

No.    Parameter.     Maximum Limit
1.       Main Account.      75.000 CUP
2.       Dinero Bonus.      125.000 CUP
3.       Minutes Bonus     8.575 Min (514.500 secs)
4.       SMS Bonus.         33.335 SMS

– Customers may receive multiple top-ups, the expiration date will be noted as the last top-up received (30 calendar days when a top-up is received)
– Customers will receive an SMS notification once the balance is about to expire.
– Customers can check their promotional balance via USSD ( *222*266#) and main balance to *222# for free.

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