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How to Call Nigeria

When calling Nigeria from USA, the number format consists of 3 parts:

How to Call Nigeria

011 - Exit code when making international calls from the US
234 - 3 digit Nigeria phone code
Phone number - 7 to 10 digit number that does not begin with 0

Country Code for Nigeria

Please reference our Nigeria country code page to see a full list of codes for all mobile networks and landlines in Nigeria. This is a great resource to check if you are unable to reach a number and suspect you might be dialing the number incorrectly. Instead of a ringing tone, you will hear a continuous tone or message that indicates you have dialed a non-working or incorrect number. Our live customer support team is eager to assist you with any dialing issues. We can troubleshoot the Nigeria phone number you are dialing and confirm the number format is 100% correct by making test calls.

Cheap International Calls to Nigeria

VIP Communications offers low international calling rates to Nigeria to help you stay connected with your friends and family back home. Call anywhere in Nigeria from any phone in the U.S. Our service includes many helpful features that makes it stress-free when calling Nigeria. You have the ability to save your international contacts on your account and then dial just one local US number to reach them directly. This makes it quick and easy to reach loved ones without any hassle. Voice quality is one of our top priorities when you call Nigeria, providing you with crystal clear connections at a low rate.

Many calling and phone cards for Nigeria will have hidden fees, high minute rounding or other ways of offsetting a low headline rate. Between losing minutes because of fees, calls not connecting or just terrible voice quality, you end up with a international calling product that makes it frustrating to reach your loved ones overseas. When you’re about to purchase a physical calling card to Nigeria, think again and open a VIP Global Calling Account instead.

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