International Access Numbers

International Calling Rates

North America Access Numbers

Direct Access Service
All Plans703-796-8000
Toll Free Access Service
Contiguous United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, PR & USVI1-800-836-5006

Note: When using your VIP account from your cell phone you should not press SEND a second time (after dialing your destination number). In fact you may wish to disable international calling with your mobile service provider to ensure you benefit from VIPís low calling rates. Click here for more information on dialing from your cell phone.

North America Customer Service Number
Customer Service1-800-836-5004

International Access and Customer Service Numbers

To print the wallet sized access numbers, please click here.

Country Number
 US Contiguous1-800-836-5006
 Customer Service1-800-836-5004
 Customer Service0800-666-0119
 Customer Service1800-006408
 Customer Service0800-291313
 Customer Service0800-78907
 Customer Service0800-891-8875
 Czech Republic800-142389
 Customer Service800-142390
 Customer Service8088-0984
 Customer Service0800-900113
 Customer Service0800-1800480
 Customer Service00800-841012
 Hong Kong800-966823
 Customer Service800-966824
 Customer Service06-800-15902
 Customer Service800-8241
 Customer Service1800-555004
 Customer Service180-923-8106
 Customer Service800-786309
Country Number
 Japan(Japan Telecom)0044-22492116
 Customer Service0044-22492117
 Customer Service00531-490006
 Customer Service800-0178
 Customer Service8800-30084
 Customer Service1800-808388
 Customer Service0800-0221443
 New Zealand0800-442901
 Customer Service0800-442906
 Customer Service800-15095
 Customer Service800-849109
 Customer Service810800-20221049
 Customer Service800-4922061
 South Africa0800-990881
 Customer Service0800-995631
 South Korea001-800-8365-5006
 Customer Service001-800-8365-5004
 Customer Service900-984993
 Customer Service020-794197
 Customer Service0800-562233
 Customer Service00-800-8365-5004
 Customer Service0800-9079070

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