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General FAQs

  • About VIP Communications At VIP we specialize in connecting people around the world. Our advanced digital communications network is interconnected with most of the major global telecom carriers and we have a reputation for providing high quality calling services. Our portfolio includes fixed line and mobile services and we have solutions for individuals and business customers. Our focus is on providing live customer service operators and excellent support for all customers. Our Help Desk is available every day of the year between 8am and 11pm EST.
  • What services do you provide? We offer a range of products for both residential and business customers. Our focus is on long distance and international calling services that enable individuals and companies to make calls at great rates with great quality connections. We also have a mobile service that enables customers to stay in touch when they travel abroad.
  • Do you offer conference calling? Whilst we do not offer video conferencing as a product, if your phone has two or more lines and a conference facility, you can use your Global Calling Account or Business Preferred Service to make multiple simultaneous calls and conference them together using your phone.
  • What do you do with personal information you collect? VIP respects the privacy of our customers completely and we would never do anything to undermine your trust in us. We collect information to enable us to offer high quality services to you. Occasionally, we may utilize your information to help identify and market new products and services that we believe may benefit you. Having said that, we are careful not to bombard you and we maintain a high level of security to protect your information from any unauthorized access.
  • What if I travel overseas? You can access your Global Calling Account or Business Preferred Service from 44 countries worldwide. For a list of these countries and the costs associated with calling from them, click here. For a list of access numbers, click here to log into your account and select Access Numbers on the left hand side.
  • How does VIP inform me of rate changes? Customers are notified of all rate changes by email. Please ensure your email address is correct. Log in to your account to check and update your email address.
  • Is it safe to signup and/or add money to my VIP prepaid account online? Our online commerce service is equipped with high-grade 256-bit SSL certificate. It means all sensitive information is encrypted, with strong encryption methods. Please click here for more information regarding online shopping safety.
  • Can I re-credit my account after hours? Yes, you can recharge your account by using our Telephone Re-crediting service. First you must know your eleven digit PIN number, which consists of your account number and 4 digit PIN e.g. "6XXXXXX-XXXX" and you must have a credit or debit card saved on your account to access this feature. Once you have done this you would simply dial Customer Service at 1-800-836-5004, select your language, press 1, then 1 again. Alternatively, you may access your VIP accounts online and securely re-credit your account at any time. To do this you would simply log onto your account here. Then you would click the "Re-credit Account Now" button and follow the on screen prompts.
  • How do I re-credit my account?
    • Online - Simply login to your account by clicking here and enter all the requested payment details.
    • Easy Credit - Instantly repeat your last transaction by reviewing then submitting your payment with one click. Click here to try it out!
    • Auto Re-crediting - Set up auto re-crediting and ensure your calls are never interrupted. Choose how much you want to add and when and re-credits will happen automatically. To activate Auto Re-crediting log onto your account here. Then click the "Set up Auto Re-crediting" button and follow the on screen prompts.
    • Call Customer Service – If you prefer to talk to one of our staff, please call 1-800-836-5004 and we will be happy to help with your re-credit.
    • Automated Phone Re-crediting -You can also add money by phone using our automated system. Dial 1-800-836-5004, select your language, press 1 for re-credit and 1 again to select the automated service
  • Do I have to call you to add money to my VIP prepaid account? No, we provide automatic re-crediting (AR) as standard with all of our pre-paid services. With AR you never need to add credit to your account manually and you never need to worry about having enough credit to make calls. AR can be fully managed by logging onto your account and selecting the 'Auto Re-crediting' menu option. Alternatively, you can access any of your VIP accounts online and securely recharge your account at any time. If, however, you do not have any access to your account online, please contact our Help Desk on 800-826-5004 and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be pleased to help.
  • If VIP does not accept my credit card online, what could be wrong? Credit card processing is automated via a real-time verification system. To prevent fraud, all information related to the credit card is sensitive and has to exactly match the details held by your credit card issuer. If you are unable to use your credit card on our website, please call Customer Service at 800-836-5004 and tell them any error code you have received.
  • What is Direct Access? Direct Access Service offers even lower calling rates, using your Global Calling Account or Business Preferred Account. Instead of dialing the normal Toll Free Number to make a call, you will call 703-796-8000. Of course, calling a '703' may result in a charge from your local carrier so it may not be the best option to use Direct Access from every telephone (see below for when to use Direct Access) but when you do, your calls will be cheaper to all destinations. To use Direct Access you must dial 703-796-8000 instead of the usual Toll Free access number (800-836-5006). If you have a bundled minute package, at home, at work or with your mobile phone, then this call should be covered by your allocated minutes or may even be free, if you have an unlimited calling or free nights and weekends package. Note: Calling the Direct Access Number (703-796-8000) may generate a call charge from your domestic service provider. If so, it may be better for you to use our Toll Free Access service. Please check with your provider before using Direct Access to ensure no additional call charges will accrue.
  • When to use Direct Access with your Global Calling Account or Business Preferred Service? If you wish to re-credit your account you can call our Customer Service Center at 1-800-836-5004. Alternatively, we offer three other ways to re-credit your account, Auto Re-crediting, Telephone Re-crediting, Web Re-crediting.
    • From your cell phone, using your plan minutes1
    • From your cell phone, using your unlimited evening and weekend minutes
    • From your home or business phone, using an unlimited national calling plan
    • From your any phone where calling 703-796-8000 is a non chargeable call2

    1 When calling from a cell phone do not press SEND after dialing your destination number
    2 Customer is responsible for ensuring that 703-796-8000 is a non chargeable call

  • Why didn't I receive the referral bonus? In order to qualify for any sign-up bonus offered by VIP, the recipient must not be an existing or a previous customer of VIP and must not have the same registered phone number with an existing VIP customer. VIP reserves the right not to honor any sign-up bonus offer if it believes that the applicant is in violation of these terms.

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