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354373Iceland Mobile IMC
354374Iceland Mobile IMC
354380Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354385Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354388Iceland Mobile IMC
354389Iceland Mobile IMC
354611Iceland Mobile IMC
354612Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354613Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354614Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354615Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354616Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354617Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354618Iceland Mobile Vodafone
35462Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354630Iceland Mobile IMC
354631Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354632Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354637Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354642Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354647Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354649Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354650Iceland Mobile IMC
354651Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354652Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354655Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354659Iceland Mobile Vodafone
35466Iceland Mobile Vodafone
35467Iceland Mobile Vodafone
35468Iceland Mobile Vodafone
35469Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354758Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354770Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354771Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354772Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354773Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354780Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354781Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354782Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354783Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354820Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354821Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354822Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354823Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354824Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354825Iceland Mobile Vodafone
354826Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354827Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354828Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354829Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
35483Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
35484Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
35485Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
35486Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
35487Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
35488Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
35489Iceland Mobile Iceland Telecom
354954Iceland Mobile Null Niu
354958Iceland Mobile Null Niu
9111India New Delhi
9116India Punjab
9117India Punjab
9118India Punjab
9120India Pune
9122India Bombay
9133India Calcutta
9140India Hyderabad
9144India Madras
9179India Ahmedabad
9180India Bangalore
9192India Mobile
9193India Mobile
9194India Mobile
9197India Mobile
9198India Mobile
9199India Mobile
6221Indonesia Jakarta
6280Indonesia Mobile Other
62810Indonesia Mobile Other
62811Indonesia Mobile Other
62812Indonesia Mobile Other
62813Indonesia Mobile Other
62814Indonesia Mobile Indosat
62815Indonesia Mobile Indosat
62816Indonesia Mobile Indosat
62817Indonesia Mobile Excelcom
62818Indonesia Mobile Excelcom
62819Indonesia Mobile Excelcom
6282Indonesia Mobile Other
6283Indonesia Mobile Other
6284Indonesia Mobile Other
62850Indonesia Mobile Other
62851Indonesia Mobile Other
62852Indonesia Mobile Other
62853Indonesia Mobile Other
62854Indonesia Mobile Other
62855Indonesia Mobile Indosat
62856Indonesia Mobile Indosat
62857Indonesia Mobile Indosat
62858Indonesia Mobile Indosat
62859Indonesia Mobile Excelcom
62860Indonesia Mobile Other
62861Indonesia Mobile Other
62862Indonesia Mobile Other
62863Indonesia Mobile Other
62864Indonesia Mobile Other
62865Indonesia Mobile Other
62866Indonesia Mobile Other
62867Indonesia Mobile Other
62868Indonesia Mobile Satellite
62869Indonesia Mobile Other
62870Indonesia Mobile Other
62871Indonesia Mobile Other
62872Indonesia Mobile Other
62873Indonesia Mobile Other
62874Indonesia Mobile Other
62875Indonesia Mobile Other
62876Indonesia Mobile Other
62877Indonesia Mobile Other
62878Indonesia Mobile Other
62879Indonesia Mobile Other
6288Indonesia Mobile Other
6289Indonesia Mobile Other
9821Iran Tehran
989Iran Mobile
9641Iraq Baghdad
964664Iraq Mobile Other
96470Iraq Mobile Other
96471Iraq Mobile Other
96472Iraq Mobile Other
96473Iraq Mobile Sana
96474Iraq Mobile Other
96475Iraq Mobile Korek
96476Iraq Mobile Other
96477Iraq Mobile Asia Cell
96478Iraq Mobile Atheer
96479Iraq Mobile Iraqna Oriscom
3531Ireland Dublin
35376Ireland Special Services
353700Ireland Mobile Other
35380Ireland Mobile Other
353810Ireland Mobile
353811Ireland Mobile
353812Ireland Mobile
353813Ireland Mobile
353814Ireland Mobile
353815Ireland Mobile
353816Ireland Mobile
353817Ireland Mobile
353818Ireland Mobile Other
353819Ireland Mobile
35383Ireland Mobile 3G
35384Ireland Mobile 3G
35385Ireland Mobile Meteor
35386Ireland Mobile O2
35387Ireland Mobile Vodafone
35388Ireland Mobile Vodafone
35389Ireland Mobile Other
35382Ireland Paging
353810Ireland Mobile Other
353811Ireland Mobile Other
353812Ireland Mobile Other
353813Ireland Mobile Other
353814Ireland Mobile Other
353815Ireland Mobile Other
353816Ireland Mobile Other
353817Ireland Mobile Other
353819Ireland Mobile Other
9723Israel Tel Aviv
97250Israel Mobile
97251Israel Mobile
97252Israel Mobile
97253Israel Mobile
97254Israel Mobile
97255Israel Mobile
97257Israel Mobile
97258Israel Mobile
9726Israel Mobile
3902Italy Milan
3906Italy Rome
393Italy Mobile Other
39310Italy Mobile Elsacom
39313Italy Mobile IPSE
3932Italy Mobile Wind
39330Italy Mobile TIM
39331Italy Mobile TIM
39333Italy Mobile TIM
39334Italy Mobile TIM
39335Italy Mobile TIM
39336Italy Mobile TIM
39337Italy Mobile TIM
39338Italy Mobile TIM
39339Italy Mobile TIM
3934Italy Mobile Vodafone
39360Italy Mobile TIM
39361Italy Mobile TIM
39362Italy Mobile TIM
39363Italy Mobile TIM
39366Italy Mobile TIM
39368Italy Mobile TIM
39373Italy Mobile H3G
39377Italy Mobile Vodafone
3938Italy Mobile Wind
39383Italy Mobile Vodafone
39390Italy Mobile H3G
39391Italy Mobile H3G
39392Italy Mobile H3G
39393Italy Mobile H3G
39397Italy Mobile H3G
225Ivory Coast
22520Ivory Coast Abidjan
22521Ivory Coast Abidjan
22522Ivory Coast Abidjan
22523Ivory Coast Abidjan
22524Ivory Coast Abidjan
22500Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22501Ivory Coast Mobile Acell
22502Ivory Coast Mobile Acell
22503Ivory Coast Mobile Acell
22504Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22505Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22506Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22507Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
22508Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
22509Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
2252170Ivory Coast Mobile Space Mobile
22540Ivory Coast Mobile Acell
22541Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22542Ivory Coast Mobile Acell
22544Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22545Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22546Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22547Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
22548Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
22549Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
22550Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22554Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22555Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22556Ivory Coast Mobile MTN
22557Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22558Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
22559Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
22560Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22561Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22565Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22566Ivory Coast Mobile Comium
22567Ivory Coast Mobile Comium
22568Ivory Coast Mobile Comium
22569Ivory Coast Mobile Other
22577Ivory Coast Mobile Orange
2259040Ivory Coast Mobile Space Mobile

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