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Do you find yourself telling your friends and family about brands and products that you enjoy? You are definitely not alone as most people will spread the word about a service that has made an impact on their life. International calling or mobile recharge services allow you to stay connected with your loved ones which also affects the people around you too. Your family overseas will appreciate the service just like you, if not more!

It’s second nature to tell other people so they stay in touch with the most important people in their world. Word of mouth is very powerful, especially when people value what your recommendations. Technology makes it so easy to reach people online and certainly helps brands acquire new customers every day. VIP Communications is looking for satisfied customers who would like to become a brand ambassador by telling all their contacts, online and face-to-face, about our services.

How It Works

Anyone who has a following online or is active in their local community has a great opportunity to earn cash and discounts with very little effort. You will get your own referral web page, making it easy to share with all your established contacts who can sign up online. It’s simple to share the link using social media, mobile apps and SMS. All new accounts that originate from the web page will net you free cash. During your first month as an ambassador, we will double your cash reward to $20 per signup! New customers also get $5 free when they join so no one is left empty handed!
Earn Cash and Discounts

Earn Cash and Discounts

We certainly want you to be successful and get off to a good start. Our helpful starter guide will provide you with the best ways to promote our services as a VIP ambassador. Spreading the word about VIP is easy with online tools such as social media platforms, web forums and online community groups. Your local community or church is a great resource to tap in your area with face-to-face interactions. We also provide you with small flyers that you can hand out. Eventually you will figure out what works best for you and we’re there to help along the way in case your need assistance.
Face to Face Promotion
There are extra incentives along the way that allow you to earn extra. During your first month as a VIP ambassador, you get $20 cash reward for each new customer your refer. Throughout the year, the cash reward may double or even triple for a limited time, encouraging you to remind all your contacts about VIP Communications.
We can also provide additional marketing collateral for distribution at community events or gatherings. We certainly don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity due to lack of resources, such as large quantities of printouts or flyers. Please contact us in advance so we can provide with the material you need to help make your job as an ambassador that much easier!

Ready to Give It a Try?

Please give us a call at 1-800-836-5004 and tell us you would like to get started with the Ambassador program. You can also fill out the form below and we will provide you with everything you need to start promoting the service!

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