Cheap International Calls to Tokelau

Landline Landline
$1.19 / min
$10 = 8 minutes
Mobile Mobile
$1.19 / min
$10 = 8 minutes
  • Call Tokelu from ANY phone
  • 1 Minute Rounding
  • Absolutely NO Hidden Fees
  • Great Connection Quality
  • Exceptional LIVE Customer Service

3 Easy Steps to Call Tokelau

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Create an Account

In less than 2 minutes
step 2

Start Calling

Your loved ones overseas
step 3

Add Calling Credit

When your balance gets low


VIPConnect Feature


Make international calls from your smartphone by dialing straight from your address book
Auto Recredit Feature

Auto Re-Credit

Never worry about running out of calling credit on your account
QuickDial Feature

Quick Dial

Dial a local U.S. number and connect directly with your international contact
Easy Credit Feature

Easy Credit

Instantly repeat your last re-credit with one click

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